Committed to You

I started Penrose Trading Co over ten years ago when I was living in the Penrose neighborhood in Arlington, VA. Originally, my business was focused more on reselling. I visited estate sales, auctions, and yard sales in search of undervalued items that I hoped would bring more in a different marketplace. At that time, I focused on selling mostly at various flea markets in the DC metro area. It was hard work - getting up very early or sometimes even sleeping in the car in order to set up before the market opened. Lots of hours standing in all sorts of weather. But it was fun, too. 

Before long, I turned more and more to EBay and Amazon. This requires a different kind of work - taking good pictures, writing a good listing, packing and shipping items as they sell. But still it can be really exciting to watch the inventory sell, sometimes for much more than I expected.

Increasingly, I have sought to work with others in a consignor / consignee relationship. This brings a tremendous new element of satisfaction to this kind of work. Now, the work has an even more human element - I get to know my customers, learn the stories behind their belongings, and share in their happiness in knowing an item has found a new home (and brought in some income!).

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