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Estate Sales

Often, there comes a time in life when you just need to downsize. Perhaps you are moving to a smaller home. Perhaps you are moving away. Whatever the reason, you find yourself with a house worth of "stuff" and aren't sure how to proceed. I can help. Read on to learn about some options I can provide. 

In Home Estate Sale

Often one of the best options if you have a lot of household belongings. Shoppers love these kinds of sales as it gives them a chance to see and touch items before buying, there is the thrill of discovery, and they always know that bargains are likely! My team and I will come in, organize and price items, prepare your home for having shoppers come through, advertise the sale, and manage sales day, all with courtesy, respect, and kindness!



In certain circumstances, it may be preferable to bypass an estate sale, whether in person or on-line and simply receive a lump sum for the specified contents of the home. I can do this, too. Once a price is agreed to, my team and I will come and clear out all purchased items. Please note, this is not a junk disposal service. Not all items may be suitable. This also goes for furniture. Generally speaking, I will not purchase entire households worth of furniture.


Accepting consignments on a limited basis. Items should be clean and undamaged. I can only accept items that will sell for upwards of $50 and are not excessively heavy or bulky. Please contact me for further details.

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