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Estate Sales in Erie, PA and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to provide a real service, not just sell your items, although we will do that too (and at good prices)!! Your job is to decide what will be kept and what is to be sold. Our job is to make sure those items sell.

We will go through the house, finding hidden items, taking them out, cleaning them, and displaying them to the best advantage. We will bring folding tables and display cases with us.

We price everything, relying on our long experience but also doing research as necessary to ensure our prices are competitive and reflect the current market.

We will advertise the sale using both print and online means. And of course we will conduct the sale. In person sales typically involve a team of 3-5 to provide customer assistance, check out customers, and help prevent theft. 

We will send you a check with your proceeds typically within one week of the sale.

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Estate sales are always popular and well-attended. Just about anything in the house can sell - even cleaning products! Sales can and do include everything from antiques to everyday kitchen items like pots and pans and coffee mugs. For the most valuable items, we do have connections with local and regional auction houses where they may sell for more than they would at an estate sale. I can help you place items where they will sell best. 


It is unfortunate that there will be leftovers after all but the most successful estate sales. You may be looking to prepare the house for resale, remodel, or you just want everything gone to allow for a fresh start. You have a few options for what to do in this situation. You can hire a junk removal company, you can pay for a dumpster and handle it yourself, or you can hire us. We charge an hourly rate to leave your home "broom clean" - empty of everything you don't want and didn't sell.

Online Auction

In some circumstances, an in-person estate sale may not be right. Perhaps you don't want all those people going through your home. Perhaps you aren't selling everything. Or maybe instead of selling the contents of a home, you are instead selling the contents of a garage, or barn, or business. In these cases, and others, you may opt instead for an online auction. Very popular now, these are a great way to get your items in front of a potentially nationwide audience and possibly see even higher profit. In this case, I take photos of all your items, list them on an online auction platform (built specially for this kind of sale), and then meet buyers at your location when they come to pick up what they have won. My commission for this kind of sale is typically lower than for an in-person sale.


If you only have a limited amount of things you are looking to sell, you can consign them with me. I do eBay consignments - instead of selling in a store, I list and sell using the eBay platform. Otherwise, it works the same for you. I take possession of the items, photograph and list them, and then pack and ship when they sell and share the proceeds with you. Generally, I only accept items that are clean, in good condition, and that will sell for at least $50. 

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